Fosdem 2010, day one

Crowd just before Fosdem 2010 openingJust before Fosdem 2010 opening

Fosdem is by far the geekiest conference, and the largest collection of geeks in a single place I have seen in a long time. Time for some highlights of day one!

By the way, if you're in the pictures above, and would rather not be, let me know.

  • Open source at large companies is a strange keynote; Brooke Davis didn't use any presentation material (probably decided for him by the equipment), but was still surprised by his slides as they appeared on his display. As for the contents, I'm... intrigued. The product he talked about, "Aerosource", is an internal project consisting of a Trac/SVN mashup at his institute, and not fully open source. Furthermore, I'd say calling Bugzilla a 'best of breed' issue tracker is a bit curious.
  • Evil on the Internet by Richard Clayton shows you the multitude of ways you can get ripped off on the internet, backed up by clear statistics and interesting (real-world!) examples. I brought home two things from this talk,

    1. Internet crime is, indeed, big business.
    2. If something looks too good to be true, it is.
  • Groovy feels an awful lot like Ruby; I have some thought on that and parallelization.
  • The coreboot talks really spoke to my own inner geek. I've seen the details of the hardware involved in booting up your machine, and was talked through the assembler code that handles flashing the BIOS. Good stuff.