Sway by Rom Brafman - recommended reading

Sway book cover

Sway (amazon, bol) is one of those books that feels 'done done': well-researched, written with a sharp clarity and factualness that rivals Malcolm Gladwell's, and a sense of imparting upon you the wisdom of ages.

Last year, at around the same time, I read Dan Ariely's Predictably Irrational (amazon, bol). Sway takes it one step further: being written by two brothers, one a pyschologist, and one an "organizational thinker" (I believe the book credits him as "economist"), it has a unique style, that leaps through years of research, picking the juiciest bits of scientific literature and, dare I call it, trivia, and distills it into an easy to swallow chunks of insight. Somehow, I can't stay away from food metaphors describing this book. Highly recommended!