"De kracht van Scrum"

"De kracht van Scrum" (bol) is a short story, written in Dutch, telling the tale of a CTO with all the usual suspects of problems in his organization, and his journey into Scrum.

The book poses and answers all the usual questions and concerns one might have when adopting Scrum, and shows an example of a possible method of transition. I believe the authors have deliberately erred on the side of simplicity, flattening some of the mechanisms, and posing certain solutions as the best (or maybe only?) way. This is very much in line with the goal of the story, which is mainly to "inspire".

I don't believe this book is the best possible story to inspire Scrum adoption from 'up above', but it is by far the best I have seen so far. It being in Dutch is an advantage for my projects, but I think an English edition would be a welcome addition; I haven't found anything like it in another language.

In short, "De kracht van Scrum" is a welcome addition to my gift chest when starting new projects, as I already had "Scrum & XP from the Trenches" (pdf, amazon, bol) for the new Scrum Masters.